winx club Coloring Pages 56

Here are the coloring pages from the Winx Club series presented for you, recounting the adventures of fairies with large powers in a world where almost everything is magical!

Among these tales you probably know the main hero, Bloom, whose red hair, bright smile and strong character, always leave an unforgettable impression ,although she does also have her weaknesses. This is the leader of the group and she has a lot of charisma. You can have fun coloring her with coloured markers or pencils the orange of her hair and make her wear any color you want!

There is also Stella, daughter of the Sun and Moon, a blonde with brown eyes and very long hair, she's the second to join the group and she's always a conscious friend with a quite proud character . Then there's Flora, the fairy of nature with two pretty blond highlights and brown hair, Musa, the fairy with beautiful dark blue hair and black eyes, Layla who has dark skin and two-tone hair, Tecna with very short pink hair and green eyes, Princess of Tir Nan Og Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, and many others are found here, you can color all you want whether is to reproduce the same beautiful colors of their hair or changing them up to give them a different look.

You surely loved to follow the adventures of Winx, perhaps even since their debut in 2004, and you probably know a great deal of their history, like the moment when Bloom learns about her magical origin and understands that she holds a rare power called the Flame Dragon, or where Winx Trix participates in a terrible fight, or when the Red Phoenix stands in their way and lacks in destroying them. By coloring all the designs that are available to you, you can you remember all those moments that have marked your memories while you watched the episodes of your heroes from the Winx Club, and embellish your drawings thanks to your most beautiful colors and then putting your art in the spotlight, by choosing the colors you like, red , green, blue, yellow or orange, purple and much more!

Therefore, all that remains is for you to start choosing a picture you want from the selection and show your artistic talents by coloring your character!