totally spies Coloring Pages 7

The Totally Spies arrive on the site with this collection of coloring pages!
The three girls WOOHP have no shortage of colors in the animated series and this is an opportunity to show how much you love them as they put color in your life! Do you have a favorite? All three are very different even in their clothing preferences!
Sam, long fiery hair and a big taste for art and paintings, for example, she love the color green, the color of hope, and she always wears an outfit of that color when she goes on a mission, which makes her easily identifiable.
On the other hand, Alex, the youngest of the group and the most keen about martial arts, love the colour yellow, who never leaves her when she fights with blows of martial arts against bandits and criminals of all kinds. With her dark hair and copper complexion she is easily recognizable, especially since she has a habit of getting noticed with her regular clumsiness and always find a way to get herself in trouble.
Finally, there's Clover, a girl who loves to shop and spend time taking care of herself, she always dresses in red when she does her justice work . The blonde in her hair stand out even more with her flashy outfit, which is to be noticed easily in any circumstance!
But these three girls are not the only characters in the series, they have a mentor who sends them on missions, Jerry Lewis, in the image of Charlie in Charlie's Angels often seems aware of many things and yet is unable to cope with the tornado from three girls! You can certainly color Jerry in addition to Sam, Clover and Alex, but maybe other characters such as Mandy, the great rival of Clover, or Dominique, the sworn enemy of Sam
The world of Totally Spies is vast, and there are dozens of interesting characters to discover that you can find among the designs that are proposed. Well there you have it, go find your much-loved crayons and embark on the adventure to fill with color the zones provided for this purpose and give these totally crazy girls of your favorite episodes all their brilliance.