tom and jerry Coloring Pages 76

Here's a series of colorings all about Tom and Jerry! It was in 1940 that were born these two colourful characters and that we have proposed you to colour with your favorite colours!

Tom is the cat, his blue gray and white coat and green and yellow eyes could make an ordinary cat, except that Tom is obsessed with chasing Jerry! In fact Tom does not support the fact that Jerry is trying to take the cheese of his mistress and is ready to do anything to keep him out of the house. Jerry is the mouse in this series of small comic episodes, he has a nice brown color, mischievous eyes and two adorable little moustaches. Jerry is a really cute mouse and you'll surely adore coloring him while he's trying to escape from Tom because Jerry is so greedy that he can't help but steal the cheese from Tom's mistress! But even if Tom and Jerry can make misery and use traps to fight against each other, they are also two inseparable companions, they can share their joys and sorrows, as two friends who would compete sometimes but always reconciles in the end! You may also be with your friend just like Tom Jerry, you like to tease a little or your friend can do it with you but with whom you get along really well, because, as friends are present despite bad times! Tom and Jerry are like that, and they often spend their holidays together, and play together in many ways! That is why in these colorings you can find the little mouse alone or with Tom, either he's being pursued or having fun with him. Similarly you can color Tom alone or with Jerry! They celebrate Christmas, go on vacations in the mountains or at the beach, goes around the world to the land of Eskimo or visit the great cities of the world, Tom and Jerry are always there to make you laugh or tenderize you through these drawings, you can color the scenes with any color you want!

So there , you just have to take your crayons or markers and print your drawing and be focused on not exceeding the lines drawn for you!