star wars Coloring Pages 47

War rages in the galaxy, a black star threatens the peace of the Galactic Alliance, a terrible dark character built an army of clones, there you have entered into the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas more ten years ago! As having coloring pages, heroes are showcased by beautiful colors, scenes to make them look even more realistic! All of that is found in this collection of Star Wars coloring! Who is your favorite character? There are so many that it's difficult to make a choice!

If you saw the first movie release you must know Luke Skywalker, a young man living in the desert first and then swings in dangerous and thrilling adventures that follows a series of events both tragic and moving. He made ​​the acquaintance of Master Yoda, the most famous Jedi in the universe, with a green skin for an unforgettable appearance and wrinkled with gigantic ears, giving him an image of a tiny old elf face. But do not rely on his age and his size Yodas force is so big in a way that only few can resist it! In addition he has a special way of speaking always putting in almost every sentence the verb at the end, and this is his really amazing specialty! But you know also know surely Obi-Wan Kenobi, the warrior and second mentor of Luke, also a Jedi Knight, who will guide and help him with his wise words.

Or the famous Chewbacca, Wookiee huge, hairy creatures as yaks and pushing kind of grunts to express themselves. One that looks like a distant cousin to the Yeti is the friend of Han Solo, captain of a rebel ship, played by Harrison Ford in the excellent film, which will help Luke fight against the terrible Darth Vader. Darth Vader is himself a key character in Star Wars, without him this story would have no reason of existing. Before becoming a terrible investigator of the war he was Anakin Skywalker, young with ambition was the good side of the full force man, only terrible events encouraged him to exploit his strengths into a darker way, trying to contain his grief by turning it into rage. Whatever character you like you can color him as much as you like with these designs!