spongebob Coloring Pages 119

Welcome to Bikini Bottom, the town of SpongeBob! Here is a selection of colorings on the theme of SpongeBob, this guy who is a square yellow sponge! SpongeBob is a great character living in the ocean with his friend Patrick, that you can also find in this gallery, and the two friends spend their time being dragged into incredible adventures, often because of their eagerness to do their own thing! These sympathetic heroes are not the only ones to populate the ocean and you can also color Carlos Tentacle, their embittered neighbour who does not support their games and would really like to get rid of them, Eugene Krabs, the lobster who is the restaurant owner where Bob works along with his friend Sandy, the squirrel, a totally crazy squirrel living in a immense dome, because even though she loves Bikini Bottom she comes from the surface and is unable to breathe underwater! Additionally, when Sandy goes out on walks, she always need to wear her spacesuit worthy of an astronaut and you can have fun coloring Sandy with her original colors or use totally different new shades to make her look any way you want! Indeed cartoons about SpongeBob have attracted a wide audience with their totally offbeat and effective humour, then you too can extend this self-deprecating fun by coloring an original way and crazy characters that you get printed! Let's talk about your imagination and use your crayons or markers to your idea, as long as you like the result is the most important!

But you can also respect the original colors of the cartoon and focus to get the perfect yellow for SpongeBob's body , the white of his shirt and brown trousers, carefully coloring Patrick to get his pink body, gray and blue for Carlos and red and orange for Eugene Krabs.

And perhaps you will want to color the infamous Sheldon Plankton, who wants steal the most famous recipe of the Krusty Krab, the restaurant where SpongeBob works!

Whatever you choose the make you'll have fun without a doubt and you'll always enjoy the results , because these drawings all have something unique that makes coloring them always a pleasure!