skylanders Coloring Pages 44

Do you know the Skylanders? These characters inhabiting the Skylands are truly amazing because they have an incredible diversity and there are over fifty different heroes!

Well now they have their own section dedicated just for coloring, with this collection of designs specially selected for you!

You can for example come across Spyro the dragon, first of all Skylanders, created in 1998 for the occasion of the release of his own video game. This is a really cute dragon but also a very strong one, he's distinguished thanks to his nuanced purple scales and wings and horns of a bright yellow, which makes him very recognizable!

If you like Skylanders maybe you're passionate about the game system itself, which is completely revolutionary because it allows to have a figurine of each Skylander to connect to the console support and see it animate in the game! As in the game, you can animate your character after printing, giving him realistic colors to get the impression that he comes alive in front of you while you color and complete areas of hues you have chosen! Indeed a successful coloring magnifies a drawing, and you know maybe even professionals spend a lot of time on the coloring of their works to give them a stunning realism.

In the coloring pages in this category you will not only find Spyro, but also dozens of others, such as Slam Bam, the mutant monkey with multiple arms, Eruptor, the magma monster with a giant mouth, Flashwing the dragon with crystal wings, Terrafin, the land shark with destructive claws or tree Rex, the gigantic tree that holds titanic strength. Since there are three generations of Skylanders, the Giants once banned but came back to fight against the terrible Kaos members Swap Force, protecting a powerful volcano from the terrible explosion that shook the world, and the first generation, you'll find in this gallery an incredibly diverse selection of heroes to color, giving you hours of fun coloring and to prolong the pleasure of playing through Skylanders colors that you can choose without any limits! So there you just have to decide on the design that you'll print out first, take your colored pencils or your pens and start to give life to your favorite hero!