simpsons Coloring Pages 25

Here are coloring pages themed about the Simpsons! These heroes arrived in our homes more than twenty-five years ago on our screens, and quickly became a great success that it was transposed in many other medias, including drawings and that you can find here and you color them according to your desires! The Simpsons are famous for their amazing yellow color, differing from all other heroes, and you can have fun coloring them with the same color, or try other ones, but they still remain crazy characters with a particularly effective humour and whose adventures made generations of children and adults laugh. Homer , the father working at the nuclear power plant likes to drink with his colleagues at Moe's bar after work, Marge the mother with artistic aspirations hardly manages her time between her husband and her children, Bart the first born and rebel who goofs around with his friend Milhouse, Lisa younger than Bart, has an above average intelligence and who is passionate about music and Maggy the last child to compose this family where their adventures are both hilarious and amazing and that even takes them in different regions of other countries and even space! Homer stupidities and his frequent arguments with Ned Flanders, the clownishness of police Chief Wiggum and his son, stuffing Bart and many other things have caused the laughter of millions of people and continue to do so today. All the characters secrets gradually revealed with the success also contributed to more success of this series besides the Halloween episodes that are both bloody and very funny and very emotional episodes that allow you to better appreciate the characters. Enough with their bright colors, their little existing shadows and quirky universe the Simpsons have a particular graphic style that has yet attracted the attention of many viewers. You can also draw yours do not hesitate to visit our gallery and choose the designs that you like to put them in color. Create your own Simpson with a choice of bold and judicious colors so your work becomes unique! If you like red, blue, green, yellow or purple and their derivatives, you can have fun for hours with these great coloring pages and share them with your friends so they can enjoy them too!