princess Coloring Pages 101

What are you going to color today? A princess perhaps? If princesses fascinate you, you'll be delighted to choose one from this selection of princess drawings made ​​for you!

There are many kinds of princesses' stories that narrates about them! Some are wise and love animals, like The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, others crave adventure as Rebel and The Little Mermaid, there are those who love reading as Belle in Beauty and the Beast or the ones who can't stand being confined, as Jasmine and Rapunzel. But what characterizes most princesses are their dresses! It is for this reason that in this collection of coloring pages you'll be able to find many princesses with beautiful dresses that will give you the desire to color them with your crayons and markers ! Whether you like pink, blue, green or purple, you have no limits or restrictions to illuminate princesses with the colors that resembles your personality! But this is not all, in many designs your princess will be surrounded by a décor that you can also color! whether she wait at the top of a tower to be saved and discover the wide world, or she's dancing in the middle of a ball with a magnificent rider, she rides or contemplates her kingdom on her balcony, the princess that you'll choose will take you into her history through the drawing that you will be offered, and you can imagine dozens of different stories while putting your favorite color on her face, into the fabric of her clothes or leaves adorning the terrace . Even if she's already with her ​​prince charming or if she's expecting him, you can apply yourself to make your most beautiful creation with all the choices you make to highlight your princess. You will be able to choose her hair color, maybe a nice golden color if she's blonde, soft brown if she has brown hair, black as ink if her hair is like the night, but maybe a much more original color if she has something special about her! You are totally free to follow your taste through these drawings and you can also print as many drawings as you wish to try out many interesting color combinations!