ninja turtles Coloring Pages 8

They are four, they are green, they have shells, colourful blindfolds and Japanese weapons, who are they? The Ninja Turtles of course! Heroes that also deserved their original gallery of colorings, and that is why you can find them here! Ninja Turtles are a creation of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird before originally being a parody of superheroes from the Marvel Comics, but they have been so successful that eventually their series continued and even today they are known to many generations! In France, where they were first broadcast on France 3 and immediately appealed to children, particularly through their powerful generic where we saw the frame of the story unfold in the background with a very dynamic music. The characters are also very significant, with their very different character traits and especially the way they fight and how they speak and act. A character can't be confused with another, and you surely have a favorite among those that exist! Above all there are the four turtles, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo, which originally were only simple turtles that have been thrown into the sewers because their owner didn't want them anymore. After this mishap, the hatchlings have known many troubles, but they were exposed to a mutagenic agent and became much larger and stronger, and able to stand as human. They were collected by Splinter, a rat who also suffered radiation mutagenic agent, who gave their names from a book on the art of the Renaissance that he had read. He then helped them learn to cope, among others by teaching them martial arts, because Splinter is a martial arts master.

So what turtle do you like? Do you want to color Leonardo, the leader of the group wearing a pretty blue headband and wielding Ninjato or Donatello, worshiping and serving the purple perfectly with his fighting sticks, or Raphael, whose favorite color is red and Sai mania as a person, not to mention Michelangelo and his nunchaku, bringing the orange perfectly?

Whatever hero you will choose you will always be satisfied to be able to color him with this series of drawings!