naruto Coloring Pages 34

If you like Naruto and his world , here is a gallery of pictures to color that you'll certainly like!

Naruto is one of the most popular characters in manga right now and there are more than two hundred episodes about him! Naruto was created over ten years ago and continues to appeal to children and teenagers and even some adults! And if this series is so successful it's because, it has very strong characters, both physically and mentally, and allows everyone to identify with one of them. And you, whom do you most resemble? You will surely have a favorite, at least one of the characters of this series is necessarily the one you want color first!

There is of course the first hero whose name is derived from the series, Naruto. This character has a childlike character but also a very serious one when it comes to standing up for what he believes in. His bright blonde hair and his habit of dressing in orange make him particularly be visible, especially as his main feature isn't the discretion! His teases get noticed and is willing to do a lot of nonsense so he can amuse, yet without ever forgetting about his duty!

There is also the dark Sasuke, whose black hair and dark blue clothes are recognizable. This is one of the favorite characters for fans of this series because he has a particularly poignant story and follows adventures that allows him to go from one surprise to another. Extremely determined and introverted, yet fragile at times when it comes to making choices, he has captivated audiences with his special charisma. Girls can of course find Sakura, whose name means cherry blossom, and as soon as the brand sees her main physical characteristic: pink hair! Depending on the period of her life she keeps them more or less long, but her ​​hair will still match with her red and black outfits, sometimes with touches of blue and white, so you can use these colors to highlight her. She also has beautiful green eyes, that you'll like coloring!

There are still many other characters in Naruto and it would be impossible to mention them all! There you have it, you just have to choose the one or ones you want to color!