monster high Coloring Pages 16

In a world worthy of a Halloween night with full of crazy colors and an incredible look , with girls cat wolf or werewolf, there is a whole world of which you probably know the name ... So you guessed? Yes, here is a series of colorings on the Monster High! With Monster High you'll be able to give it your all and use lots of different colors, because these girls and boys living in the land of monsters all have totally crazy shades! For example Black Catty has fully black skin and loves to wear clothes with surprising colors, then there will be lots to do with your colored pencils or your pens! This singer is the daughter of a werewolf cat and that is why she has cat ears on her head, which gives her a feline look with more beautiful effect!

There is also Abbey Bominable, which has pale blue skin ,worthy of the daughter of yeti, with the eyes of a pretty purple color that you'll like. As she loves to snowboard, you will find probably drawings where she's currently practicing this activity, and as she never leaves home without at least one fur garment you can have fun coloring the fur clothes with polar colors! She also always wears a crystal necklace, which allows to keep her in a cool temperature in all circumstances, and you can give crystal pretty colors and turn it into a gem worthy of the heroine. In addition , she has an adorable pet, a mammoth named Shiver, you'll like coloring Shiver too! But the one that you'll like the most will perhaps be Catrine Demew because she is passionate about drawing and painting, and perhaps even she started practicing by coloring! As you can as well train yourself to become better at drawing by coloring and one day make your own sketches, and maybe even your own pictures! There are of course many other interesting characters in Monster High, there is Draculaura who is the famous daughter of Dracula, with her pink and black hair that looks great, or Clawdia Wolf, a girl werewolf with bronzed skin and with blond hair, who spends a lot of time writing, so here you have it, you just have to choose your model and color it!