mermaid Coloring Pages 87

Here is a beautiful gallery of coloring pages all about mermaids! For centuries these half women half fish creatures fascinate men and they are deemed to regularly try to sink ships by charming sailors to make them jump into the water. They are assumed to hold great powers, as sometimes starting storms but also very often they have a magical song, which can charm all men. And of course they have the amazing ability to breathe underwater and to evolve with matchless grace, which makes them unique in the realm of fantasy creatures. Often their hair is long and silky and features a variety of colors, they even have a mix several colors in their hair such as pink, blue and green or be a orange red like Ariel the little mermaid. The most famous tale about mermaids is the one of Andersen, published in 1876, on which is based Ariel created by Disney studio. The mermaids can also be beneficial creatures, saving sailors when they are at risk. While they drown, the sirens bring them back gently to the surface, to the beach, which allows them to breathe again. But often when the marine survivor awakes he can't see the mermaid , sometimes they catch a glimpse of her tail as she plunges into the sea. A mermaids tail is also particularly nice with the natural veil that adorns the end, allowing the color to play finely in the light. The scales can also be iridescent and rainbow colors, so that you can color them in as you'll want without any limits! And of course the sirens are often friends with marine animals such as fish, which also feature a wide variety of colors, from yellow to purple to red, green and blue. They can also play with the dolphins, these extremely intelligent animals that seem to laugh when they speak with their pretty blue gray color. Mermaids also have enemies, as Ariel is facing the terrible Ursula, half-woman, half-octopus, which casts a black ink like the night to cover their tracks! The underwater world is very rich in colors and emotions, and you can happily plunge by coloring all the designs that are available to you, gently immersing you in this particular bluish atmosphere!