mario Coloring Pages 14

A cap ,a red sweater, blue overalls, brown hair ,a moustache and a wrench in hand? This is Mario of course! Here is Mario, the plumber straight out of his video game to pose for you in this gallery of drawings but there's also a lot of characters from his world!

This is indeed a very rich world, with its brick break for treasures, magic items or even new life, on which its turtles are jumped on to eliminate its mushrooms of all colors to crush or to pick up, and many other characters!

There is for example Luigi, Mario's brother, with his identical outfit but where the red is replaced by green, he's pretty erased in some games but still has its own games and could be your favorite character if you love green, with a very different personality from Mario! Indeed he's quite shy and a little timid, even if doesn't hesitate to embark on the adventure when needed!

But there is also Princess Peach, with her ​​blonde messy hair and her pink dress, which unfortunately doesn't really know how to defend herself and is kidnapped by Bowser! Fortunately, Mario is there to save her and he always ends up finding her in the castle.

You can also feel like coloring Bowser, the dragon turtle with a shell bristling with spikes whose dominant colors are orange and green, making him seem even more impressive and giving him a very aggressive look! He's the sworn enemy of Mario and in when coloring you can show how much you love this strong character that never misses an opportunity to own!

But maybe you prefer Toad, the little mushroom guy in a blue and yellow vest and with an amazing shaped cap that has a mushroom with red spots. This is Princess Peache most faithful friend and is often with her, making him an important person.

But maybe you'll feel a bigger urge to coloring Yoshi, one of the world's most popular Mario character, a very friendly dinosaur who is small with a green and red colour.

Whatever your favorite character is, you can find them all in this gallery and have fun with the color character all you want!