mandala Coloring Pages 124

Here is a gallery based on Mandalas! But do you know what a Mandala is? These patterns are plotted in a circle, sometimes with a person or an animal in the center, and they are meant to be colored, which can be very difficult so choose one by which you want to start!

But do you know where the Mandala comes from? Originally Mandala is a Sanskrit language word meaning circle, and can also extend to include the concept of environment or community. Today they can still be made by Buddhist monks with colored sand or during public demonstrations or for religious ceremonies. This art is very thorough and takes time and patience, because all the grains of sand are simply deposited on a surface and every breath they can all disperse and ruin the design! The monks must be very careful not to breathe too hard to get to finish their work, and the worst is that each work is ephemeral and will then dispersed, or in a river or the sea! Fortunately you do not have to keep in your breathing while you will do the coloring of the Mandala, because even if the leaves can fly the color you'll choose wisely will remain on your sheet! Even if Mandalas were originally used to honour the gods, are especially popular nowadays because, these are very beautiful subjects of drawing or coloring. But even if the result is worth it and you will always be proud and proud to have managed one of these coloring it will have to arm yourself with patience to complete one because there are often many different coloring areas, you must think about where you set your colors to achieve a harmonious whole. One trick is to mark each of the areas with a discrete small dot with the color you have decided to use then coloring it without being deceived with the area that you have decided on the color.

Whatever the reason you decide to color you will always be happy and pleased to have successfully completed a Mandala, and if you really want to please someone that you like it would be a great occasion to provide him one!