little pony Coloring Pages 22

The Little Ponies have arrived in your colorings! If you love these magical ponies you'll be delighted to find them here! Which little pony is your favorite and which one do you want to color today? They're all great with their very different colors and strong characters, each of them have surely touched you through the different episodes where they lived exciting adventures!

First there is of course Rainbow Dash, the little pony who is full of energy and continues to fly and run as fast as possible! With her it's impossible to get bored, and her magical colors allow you to use many of your markers or your crayons! You certainly loved her mane, with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! In addition Rainbow Dash has a lovely light blue dress with a lightning rainbow drawn on!

But there's also the beautiful and mysterious princess Celestia, with her magical pink and blue wavy mane, very large horn and beautiful wings, but also wears gold and amethyst jewellery and has gold hooves. This princess is really beautiful and her kindness and generosity are admired by everyone!

You may also like the wise Applejack , the responsible one of the apple farm that produces good apple juice! This pretty pony has a body of a pretty light orange look with three red apples that you can have fun coloring in addition to his blond solar mane!

Or perhaps you prefer the dynamic Pinkie Pie, who loves to make people happy and always overflowing with ideas to party and have fun! With a lovely light pink color on the body and with her dark curly mane there is a great reason to use your pencils or pens, and you can also color the yellow and blue balloons represented on the top of her thigh!

There really is a wide variety of many remarkable ponies in the Little Pony drawing collection, but also Spike the Dragon, this cute little purple and green guy!

Therefore, what remains is for you to make your choice among the available images and put your favorite colors on your design!