hulk Coloring Pages 13

A colossal force, green skin, a creature that hides a sweet scientific character? it's Hulk of course! Created in 1962 by Stan Lee, creator of many heroes of Marvel Comics, Hulk is the monster that was first gray then green that's able to terrify any enemy and crush them with his legendary strength. But before this creature became Hulk, he was Bruce Banner, a physicist who created a bomb for the U.S. Army and saw his invention go against him as he wanted to save a young man. Exposed to terrible rays, he now hides the monster in him that you know well. After trying to hide this transformation Bruce can't escape, because when he gets angry it's inevitable!

Hulk adventures are numerous and you surely have seen many, such as those that live in The Avengers movie, and you'll be able to find your favorite hero in this series of coloring pages!

In fact, all these designs are put at your disposal so that you can express the talent that you have to put colors on characters or scenes that you like, and you'll be able to choose your pencils or pens on those you prefer to highlight the subjects proposed.

Whether you want to keep the green skinned Hulk or find that the gray skin he had was better, or even if you want to do it red, blue or purple, you will be totally free to choose the colors you want to arrive to the perfect design.

Hulk, whose name means giant behemoth in English, will still be perfectly recognizable regardless of his color because of his surreal musculature, small head and tiny ears, and black hair he'll always remain unique and the torn clothes he wears reminds him that before the transformation, he was a wise and discreet physicist named Bruce Banner.

So, what image will you choose to color? Will you prefer to see your hero lifting a car, break a wall, give a punch or uproot a tree? Or maybe you'll like to see him in a heroic pose! Whatever you choose you won't be disappointed, because Hulk will always be a unique hero and your coloring can only do him justice!