horse Coloring Pages 137

Do you love horses? If you do, this collection of coloring pages is exactly what you need! How can someone not to be fascinated by these animals, where grace and strength are combined. They can gallop freely in the plains or accomplish difficult training exercises, seemingly dancing under the impulse of his rider? The horse is considered one of the noblest animals of creation in many cultures, often praised for his intelligence and passion, and at any age are found to have a passion for horses. Indeed, what would be a knight without his horse? How would the peasants of the past pull their carts without the help of horses, and how beautiful princesses would go to prom without several horses pulling her carriage? Maybe you yourself love riding, or you even dream of one day having your own horse! Many children will surely share your passion, and that's why this drawing gallery was created for you and all those like you who want to live near a horse or have a gaze in a beautiful meadow.

Furthermore, horses are not all the same color, and you will as a result be able to color them in many different ways! If you're interested in horses you surely know that a horse's coat and mane are designated by the name of "dress", and the dress of a horse can be very varied.

The most common dress in horses is the bay, with its brown body and black mane, then comes the chestnut, whose body and mane are matched in a nice brown to copper color . There's also the amazing pies, these horses with black or brown spots strangely resemble those of the Norman cows! These horses are no less endearing are fun with this very special coat and they can't be confused with any other!

The dun is also highly sought after, because of his bright milk coffee body and a black mane has incredible class, and it may be your favorite dress?

There are so many ways to color a horse, all that's left is for you to choose your model and do your best to create the perfect horse!