hello kitty Coloring Pages 286

If you love Hello Kitty this fantastic coloring series on this theme will delight you! Quickly take your colored pencils or your pens, draw prints that you like and enter the magic of the cute Hello Kitty kittens and their friends! Who does not know Hello Kitty? This cute kitten was created by the Sanrio company in 1974 and has had time to go around the world several times! She is of course surrounded by her family, including her twin sister Mimmy, which can be distinguished by her Hello Kitty ribbon she wears on the right ear, unlike Hello Kitty who wears it on the left! There are also Hello Kitty's' parents and Mimmy, Mary and George White, who wear their names nicely as the whole family has a white coat! In addition to her very soft immaculate fur, Hello Kitty often wears pink or red accessories, which makes her even cuter. Every day this little kitten and her sister Mimmy live incredible adventures that you can illustrate in the colorings that are available to you! Indeed, these two tall sisters that are as tall as five apples go walking almost every day and meet many of their friends like Tim and Tammy, Tracy, Fifi, Mory, Cathy, Rory, Jodie, Tippy, Joey and Tiny Chum. Do you have a favorite? Would you like to color Hello Kitty by choosing your best colors for the ribbon she wears or her fashion accessories that make her so pretty? Or maybe you prefer Mimmy and would like to showcase your artistic talents? Furthermore, if you love coloring you surely know the grandfather of the twins, which is a very talented painter! Painting or drawing are wonderful ways to highlight a subject you love, then you surely want to show how much you appreciate Hello Kitty, her family and her friends through designs that are available to you here! Also by coloring all these characters you can invent new adventures about them and share your stories to your friends or family by telling them what you thought through your creation!