harry potter Coloring Pages 41

Harry Potter is the famous wizard created by JK Rowling, and he deserves a nice gallery of pictures to color just like this one! Who doesn't recognize him when round glasses in front of green eyes and tousled hair using only a lightning-shaped scar are involved? Living a life of misery in the house of his uncle and aunt with a cousin who tormented the young man is an orphan. But one day, Harry learns the truth, he's a wizard, just as his parents who are dead and it wasn't an accident but they wanted to save him from the terrible man we should not pronounce the name. When the Dark Lord tried to kill Harry when he was an infant , he did not succeed and his fate turned against him, the child being protected by the fate of true love. He then lived away from the world of magic that his aunt and uncle hate and consider weird but Harry from his birth was registered at Hogwarts and the director of this institution, Dumbledore was determined that the boy will make his studies. Hagrid, one of the Hogwarts professors is sent for Harry after sending him several letters and haven't received any reply back, but the Dursleys are determined to prevent Harry being related to the world of magic and they will do so by deciding to move. But Hagrid found him and finally managed to take Harry to Diagon Alley, making him discover the magic side of the world in which he lives. Yet in the shadow, threats still lurks as the one we should not say the name is not dead and he is desperate to avenge Harry and fulfill his nefarious ideas. This incredible universe has inspired hundreds of designs worldwide, this gallery offers you many so that you can continue to live fabulous adventures with Harry and his friends! You like red and gold from the brave Gryffindor or green and silver from the cunning, no doubt that you'll have fun coloring these drawings! And if you do not like the original colors nothing prevents you to change them to illustrate your own vision of the wonderful world of Harry Potter!