fairy Coloring Pages 28

Here is a collection of coloring pages on the subject of fairies! Fairies are winged magical creatures that can be found in many stories, they are often a great help to the main character but they can also be the heroes of a story. In the stories produced by Disney studios example many female characters have a fairy godmother. The Sleeping Beauty for example has three fairy-like godmothers with a grandmother look, and they took her in when she was just a child and brought her up in the forest, protecting her from the wicked witch who vowed to kill her. The fairies are named Flora, Daisy and Burnet and they are also very colourful because one loves to wear red, the second green and the third blue! Additionally, they have a memorable dispute over Aurora when they wanted to make her a prom dress, and finally at the famous ball, the lovely gown continues to go from pink to blue as the fairies are constantly changing their choice! As you can see, fairies can be very mischievous and like to play with colors, then you can to also amuse yourself with colors imagining a color for each of their outfits but also for their wings, their hair and even their skin or you their jewellery!

Fairies are also very diverse, you can find all little fairies that could fit in a flower, fairies that are the size of a human that can spread their wings in the sun like an angel would, others live in groups in trees, there are some with big wings and others with tiny wings, and among these fairies there is Tinkerbelle, you surely know her, she's a great friend of Peter Pan and helps a lot in his adventures. This famous fairy is often dressed in green and has a strong character, so she never goes unnoticed! In all cases every fairies can make people dream about the magic they use and making many things possible, you just have to choose the fairy model you like and you can after coloring your image, display it in your room to show it to your friends or give to someone that you like! And with a little imagination you can invent dozens of stories featuring the fairy that you have colored!