easter Coloring Pages 200

It's spring, the birds sing by their nests and soon flowers will brighten the gardens! But spring is also the time of Easter, and this collection of coloring pages is precisely on this theme!

Easter is a holiday that goes back a long time, but it was transformed little by little, and now it is mostly awaited by the children for eggs, chicks, chickens, bells and chocolate bunnies! You also love to surely remove the colored paper from these delicious sweets to eat and enjoy good chocolate that was offered to you! In many beliefs and legends eggs are a symbol of life because they contain an unborn life and may renew the previous generations, and it is perfectly suited to a holiday in the heart of Spring! In most regions of France and other countries Easter chocolates are traditionally made ​​by the bells, which parties to bless back to Rome filled with delicious sweets, they spread along their way back, randomly in the fields and gardens! That is why it is traditional to search for Easter chocolate eggs and other sweets while they have been hidden by bells or by well-intentioned people! But did you know that in Germany, for example, it was not the bells that brought chocolates but the Easter bunny? He leaves in the morning colored eggs in exchange for a cozy nest for the night, and so all German children can collect them the next day! But Easter is also the opportunity to paint eggs after being emptied, and you may be able to do this with the help of your parents or in school? Indeed eggs painted by children are highly valued for their parents and offering one is always a pleasure! Similarly in these coloring pages you can decorate Easter eggs using all your colors without any limits, according to the pattern already drawn or inventing new patterns! You just have to let your imagination decide the best colors to use, and you can make pretty Easter illustrations, with chickens, chicks, rabbits, bells or eggs, and many other things!