dragon ball z Coloring Pages 66

Dragon ball z is a story full of twists and turns that deserved its own collection of coloring pages! You surely know this series where seven crystal balls are discussed, powerful starred orange artefacts that are capable of doing amazing things and as a result are desired by many! The story started in 1989 by Akira Toriyama, where it talks about the son of Goku and Chichi, Gohan, who will go on exciting adventures trying to save the Earth from dangerous aliens, him also being one! This is a rather complicated story full of epic battles for up to several episodes, high in colours and rich in characters one more original than the other. The alleged brother of Son Goku, Raditz, intervenes, wanting to get help for nothing less than conquer Earth with the terrible Vegeta! As Son Goku himself is from a warrior planet housing the Saiyans, where the most powerful warriors in the galaxy are found! Of course Goku loves planet Earth and doesn't want it to be invaded, so with the help of his son he will do everything possible to defeat aliens, and eventually fight against Vegeta, although he'll be forced to work with him at some key moments in history and will eventually find a good side to Vegeta.

You're probably have a favorite hero in this world that you love coloring, maybe it's Son Goku with his orange and blue outfit or Gohan with his preference for purple, or Bibidi with his green skin and orange cape, there are dozens of colourful characters that you can print to give them their beautiful colors or invent new ones. Through these drawings you will be able to go back into the dragon ball z series and remind yourself of their adventures, and even create new ones, as the set of all colorings offered here may even allow you to restore a story with characters and scenes in which they are shown! With a little imagination and a lot of colors you can with your crayons or markers create your great sagas and later tell your friends if they like yours just as much as the stories of Dragon Ball Z! Do not hesitate to use all the colors that you like to do every drawing that you wish to imagine, and have fun while doing so!