dora Coloring Pages 68

Rediscover Dora through this series of colorings to have fun with at home! If you followed the episodes of Dora the Explorer and wanted to draw her in her best moments to capture her amazing adventures, this category of drawings is exactly what you need! With these models you will be able to live the journeys with Dora and her friends in the coloring that you have chosen! Dora is actually a great hero, she gives you the desire to learn English , because she encourages you each time to learn new words, so it's time to honour her and show her how much you appreciate her by applying yourself in the models that are proposed. In addition to Dora you can put colors on Boots, her clear blue eyed monkey with big red boots, Diego, her cousin and best friend who shares the same taste for adventure as Dora, or Totor the bull with the blue and white scarf. But there is also Swiper the fox, a masked villain and he has a bad habit of stealing from all the heroes of Doras world. Also, there is the Fiesta Trio, small grass musicians with the frog, snail and grasshopper, or the Vera lizard! Will you want to color this naughty mischievous fox? There's something for everyone in this collection of coloring pages of Dora the Explorer,you will surely find the model that suits you! In addition to many drawings that depict Dora and her friends in different settings. You will find her in the countryside, the city, in the jungle, at a party in her house or in a car, or disguised in her usual clothes, there are dozens of stories to invent just by looking at all these pictures! If you color several different drawings, you can even reconstruct a story through the images just like a comic! Then you can tell your story to your friends, who will surely be impressed that you got so much done! Here you go, there isn't anything stopping you, you just have to get out your colored pencils or your pens, get settled on a table or ar desk and decide the colors that you will use! Will you draw Dora with brown skin by using a little bit of brown, or completely change her by giving her a rosy skin colour? You are totally free to choose the colors you want with these drawing!