diego Coloring Pages 33

Here are colorings based on Diego, the hero of the series Go, Diego, Go! and he's the cousin of Dora the Explorer! Diego is a born adventurer and a very good explorer at only eight years old, he knows a lot about the world and animals, and with his eleven year old sister, Alicia, he travels to the most exotic places on Earth to preserve the environment! With his camera ,he can capture every moment and capture the animals without harming them or locking them up, and make an album of memories to share with friends. Like him you can have an album with pictures of animals, but also with your colorings on Diego and his world! Diego also has a very special watch, which enables him to communicate with his sister at every opportunity, which is very convenient for his expeditions, and a backpack that does not forget to fill itself with useful things, because Diego is very cautious, so you can color these two essential accessories when you will use your markers or your crayons to give life to your selected drawing.

But apart from his sister Alicia, Diego is surrounded by friends and his parents. Diego's parents are also very invested in protecting nature and are a great support for him, because with their experience they often give good advice to help him advance in his missions. Diego is also often accompanied by a cute little feline, Jaguar, you can color in the drawings where he is shown with his friend, and communicates with the monkeys, turtles or elephants to learn more on their lifestyle. Besides Diego does not hesitate to try climbing in the trees to join his friends the monkeys, so you can find scenes where he jumps from vine to vine, and color Diego and the landscape! Your hero is as you know a great sportsman, so you can see skateboarding, hang gliding, running and jumping in the jungle or anywhere else, play football or volleyball on the beach !

There is a wide range of many different coloring pages in this collection, you just have to make your choice to live new colored adventures.