diddl Coloring Pages 4

Do you like Diddl and his world? This is then a good chance for you that this gallery full of coloring pages has been created, as it is fully themed Diddl! In August 1990, a German designer, Thomas Goletz, created Diddl wanting to make him a honest hero, optimistic and brave, giving much importance to his friends, but differing from the other heroes by quite a fun aspect, where Diddl has huge feet and a gigantic smile. This friendly little mouse is indeed also very funny just by looking at him, and you will surely adore the colors because you can't watch him without smiling. But what do you really know Diddl? Do you know for example that he lives in Diddlland on route 3 in a Gruyère? It must be really good for a mouse who loves cheese! He is also the size of three cheeses, then he can contemplate three of these delicious foods stacked without problem! Cheese is also a very good dairy, do you like to eat cheese? Diddl loves it!

There is also the love of Diddl, Diddlina, a pretty little mouse created about a year after him, that Diddl greatly admires because she's a very smart and very wise girl, which allows her to take a lot of situations and help Diddl when he does not know what to do. Diddlina is a small very romantic mouse, she loves flowers and Valentine's Day is probably one of her favorite holidays! She always wears a knotted polka dot ribbon on her hair, which makes her look even cuter and allows you to color her depending on the color that you like! The family also includes Diddl Diddldingue, whose real name is Professor Blubberpeng, which is the great uncle of Diddl. He is a genius but he is so dizzy he often blunders, even if he's very intelligent and his experiences can sometimes fail miserably! But even if he is stunned, Diddldingue is very friendly and many would want to have him as a grandfather! Finally, among the world's most famous characters in Diddl, there is the too cute teddy bear , Pimboli, who everyone would like to have at home! So what hero from Diddls world are you coloring today?