cars Coloring Pages 24

Do you like the world of Cars, created by Pixar and Disney studios? In that case, this is exactly what you need, with this collection of colorings based exactly on this theme! In many of these drawings you will most definitely find the heroic Cars adventures, Lightning McQueen, the little race car dreaming of winning great prizes and become a legend in the automotive world, but there are also his friends, Martin, rusty truck and Sally the pretty car with strong character, and many others. The world of Cars is both funny and heroic, each vehicle is particular, and with these colorings you will probably want to show how big of a fan you are about this series of animated films. Besides, what's your favorite color? Maybe you want that color to become the color of Lightning McQueen? You can color him as you see fit, maybe you want a beautiful blue body, or a solar yellow, or multicoloured with more than ten colors? Everything is possible and the only limit is your imagination! Of course you can also color the other characters of Cars the way you would like, or you can exactly reproduce those movies by choosing the colors of your pencils or pens that are most similar to those you saw in the movie. You can also add in all your drawing elements by drawing them down by yourself, like a logo of your invention on the body or Lightning McQueen Sally, to create a vehicle just like the professionals have! All in all, these drawings provide you hours of fun and will show you the most legendary movies scenes, either Lightning McQueen trying to win a race to escape his chasers, speak with one of his friends, to dream of a future trophy, and many other things! Through the scenes that you get to color, you can as well invent new stories that lay in your imagination, and choose several drawings to fully reconstruct and display them in your room or show them to all your friends!

With these colorings, your passion for the world of Cars will be extended for a long period of time and you can even offer illustrations to your friends if they also happen to love this universe!