bob the builder Coloring Pages 100

Here is the series of coloring pages in tribute to Bob the Builder! With Bob everything is possible and you can do everything , including coloring him and his friends, through all the images we offer you! Bob the Builder is a character created by plasticine by our English friends and the hero of a series bearing his name, and of course he isn't called Bob the Builder without being very good at it! This nice hero is recognizable by his yellow construction helmet, his blue overalls handy for yards and his tool belt, very useful to slip all kinds of tools in, like a hammer, one meter, one screwdriver, pencils, a pair of nut and many other things! Bob is very safe on a construction site and even in all cases even where we do DIY is very important, and that is why he always protects himself whenever he works. His helmet prevents him from receiving dangerous objects on his head and he always wears gloves when he handles materials likely to be sharp, or even at risk of skin like splinters in the wood or nails. If you like tinkering as Bob does and you're especially careful , ask your parents to help you out because safety rules are very important for you but also for others! But fortunately for drawings there are no safety rules, so you can do it very simply, just take out your crayons or markers to decorate your favorite characters with pretty colors! In the series of Bob the Builder, Bob is not the only one to be significant, there is also Zoe, his partner in his construction company, which is a very important friend to him but also his friends vehicles and machines! For example Ben, the red bulldozer truck , Lofty, the Blue Crane, Scoop, the yellow backhoe , Dizzy the orange cement mixer , and Roulot the green steamroller. All these characters have set a goal to build a new village in Sunflower Valley and it's probably thanks to them that soon will be born a beautiful community full of pretty colors! And you, what are you going to color today? Which character or circumstances will you choose? It is up to you!