barbie Coloring Pages 194

Here's a series of colorings about a superwoman that everyone knows, Barbie! Do you have Barbie dolls at home? Many children, and even adults, have Barbie dolls or are interested in their world! Barbie has been present since 1959, which means that although she has always remained young and beautiful she has lived tens extraordinary adventures that you can find through these colorings! Barbie is very versatile thanks to her natural talent for learning and her great beauty she can practice many trades, so she may have already worked in the area where you would want to work yourself later in life. With her extraordinary capacity to understand animals she has already been a vet, nursing broken legs and minor injuries of our two of four legged friends, and she also knows tons about fish! But that's not all, you can also find her working other jobs through these colorings, maybe you will find for example Barbie the doctor, nursing sick children with kindness and patience that characterizes her very well, an astronaut ready to discover extraordinary worlds to prove new civilizations, a supermodel for big fashion shows, a school teacher that loves to share many exciting facts, or a sea rescuer to help the innocent. And since Barbie is also good at sports you will also find in these drawings by coloring her greatest exploits or tries, for example in the field of riding horses where she sometimes participates in contests or just goes on a simple peaceful ride, skiing where she is able to jump high or do slaloms at high speed, or dance, where she can either amaze her audience at a classic ballet show or seduce her fans during a frenzied salsa! But you can also color drawings where Barbie is with her friends because she does have many of them! There are for example Midge, her oldest and best friend, also Ken, her most passionate admirer and her closest friend.

So there you go, you just have to get your favourite crayons or markers out and start coloring the way you want all these great Barbie drawings and her friends, to achieve a nice representation of your legendary superwoman!