avengers Coloring Pages 105

Here are the Avengers, the League of extraordinary heroes who are gathered in this gallery of pictures to color! This group of adventurers of all kinds met again to fight the terrible plans of Loki, the dark brother of Thor, who only wants to conquer Earth with his Chitauris army, who are alien warriors that are extremely dangerous and are in mode to have very dark thoughts, and whose main purpose is to eradicate all those they can't control.

Among these heroes is Thor, the beautiful blond warrior coming directly from Asgard, first banned from the realm of the gods because of his arrogance but bought a place back in the realm by understanding that he should be more humble. Wearing armor that combines tradition and futurism, Thor is armed with a huge hammer, normally he's the only one able to raise it. His red cape clearly identifies him and with a charisma that you probably like and so maybe you'd want to choose a design to colour that represents him well . There is also the famous Iron man, the man of steel in red armor, a human with no power but of exceptional intelligence, allowing him to quickly understand all situations and act accordingly. This is not only a strong and charismatic hero but also a thoughtful man, although he can sometimes get into great anger and make some mistakes.

You may also like Captain America, the symbolic hero of the United States of America, straight from World War II to join the group. The hero wears recognizable blue overalls and a shield in the colors of the U.S., red white and blue, with a central star worthy of the finest circuses.

Or the head of SHIELD, Nick Fury, with his black coat worthy of the Matrix, the pirate band with an air that couldn't be more serious, an effective warrior though he has no super powers, which makes him the only one giving any coherence into this group of hotheads.

And of course there's Hulk aka Bruce Banner, which holds colossal strength and a green body, he can't pass unnoticed! You may have liked his ability to destroy everything easily along with his volcanic personality, you can color Hulk according to your desires through this series of drawings. Whichever hero you prefer, you can find him here, so there you go, get your crayons or markers out and embark on the adventure!