animals Coloring Pages 749

A wide range of animal drawings is to be discover in this collection of colorings! What is your favorite animal? Do you like wild animals or pets? Do you have a passion for felines or do you prefer fishes or horses or birds? The animal world is so vast that it never ceases to amaze and fascinate everyone, at any age we may want to study animals or to learn more about a species that amazes us, and even more want to draw or even color them! This is what this coloring series has to offer , where you can exercise marrying shades together to get splendid drawings of your favorite animal. Whether it's the elephant with big ears, the majestic lions with a coppery mane, giraffes with long lashes and two small adorable horns in Africa, or pandas with the appearance of a large plush, panthers with a dark coat and with feline grace, turtles that have an incredible longevity in Asia, or kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and koalas in Australia, the world is full of incredibly different animals and all of them with special features that can give you the desire to adopt! With these colorings you can even collect them in your home and show all your friends what animals you like and how pretty their colors are. All the animals of the earth reunited use so many color variations that you can use all your coloured pencils or markers to represent them, but you may also want to completely change an animal using totally different colors! Only your imagination can stop you if you want to color a zebra pink and green, or if you'd really like to see a purple elephant! You can print as many designs as you want and repeat drawings as many times as you want from this collection! And maybe one day, having observed the many designs that are available to you and focusing on applying color, you could also draw animals and share! So what will you choose? A ferocious crocodile, elegant butterflies, cats in a basket? Will you have a collection of farm animals or predators? It's for you to choose!