angry birds Coloring Pages 10

You loved solving the available levels in the game of Angry Birds? You'll like this collection of coloring pages themed all around Angry Birds, where you're able to put in the colors according to your taste! But who exactly are the Angry Birds? Funny how these birds became so popular? These birds aren't just any birds, because they are fierce warriors who are not afraid to engage in battle, if someone dares to steal their eggs! And in their world of there are many egg thieves , like those horrible green pigs are proof! In each level that you could play you could eliminate these enemies and overcome the pitfalls of the setting, trying to reach them from above or below obstacles, or even destroying the obstacles!

And to destroy the pigs there's nothing better than to launch birds at them! At least in this game, which combines humour has a formidable intelligence!

For starters there is the red bird, the basic soldier who doesn't hesitate to rush and no obstacle can stop him! If you like red or you've always dreamed of coloring this bird another colour do not hesitate to choose the designs that represent your imagination!

Then there is the yellow bird, which specializes in the destruction of wood and has the ability to accelerate when it bites into the ground, making him unstoppable.

Then you could play with blue bird, which when he's launched in the air, he's gets divided into three and strikes effectively objects, especially glass.

But maybe you prefer the white bird, with its powerful bombs dropping over the battlefield! As a fighter he is uncompromising with his enemies, and you can eve tint him with a little yellow for something different!

But there also is the black bird, the suicide bomber who explodes like a bomb when you decide on it! he's very good to destroy everything made of stone, making him an ally in your fight against the pigs!

There are still other birds, and you can choose as many as you like and coloring them, then decorate your room with your drawings or even give them to your friends!